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Friday, November 16, 2018

First snow of season

We had our first snow of the season here in Bath, Maine last night and continuing into today.  Got about five inches.

It's been our experience since moving to Maine in 2003 that the snow does not usually come until after Thanksgiving (Nov 22) but the last two years it has been different.

Climate change to me means that the weather has become unpredictable and I'd say that is the way things are stacking up here in Maine these days.

Last summer we had the hottest weather in Maine's recorded history.  It often felt like Florida - hot and humid.  I recall the first summer we moved to Maine using a fan only once.  Each summer since has been worse.  Last summer we used fans all the time.

It's always a pleasure (and hard work) to get out and shovel doorways and rake the snow off one part of our roof where two sections of the house meet.

A photo from years past but you can see the second floor porch where two sections of the roof come together.  That is the area that has to be raked or else we get ice dams.

The thought that we will be moving once we sell the house is bitter-sweet.  I will miss the shoveling.  It's always a beautiful thing to go outside right after (or during a snow) and just experience the silence.  Virtually all human outside activity stops.  I cherish those moments.

Likely we will be first moving into an apartment where my shoveling responsibilities won't be very great.  I might have to go out and find someone to help in the neighborhood when future snows come.
The snow is a major reason I wanted to move to Maine.

When I was a kid living in South Dakota for nearly three years I walked to school in blizzards.  I learned to love the hard weather.  It's a beautiful thing.



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