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Friday, July 06, 2018

Next BIW Civil Disobedience list

Below is the latest list we have of those seriously considering joining the civil disobedience (CD) action at Bath Iron Works in Maine during the next ‘christening’ of either a Zumwalt stealth destroyer or an Aegis destroyer.

At this time, we don’t have the date for the next ‘christening’.  We will spread word as soon as we hear something.

With the current Poor People’s Campaign attempting to connect militarism, growing poverty, climate change and the surveillance society we think this action fits quite well in that context.

The destroyers at BIW cost billions each, are provocative as they are deployed with ‘missile defense’ systems to encircle China and Russia, and contribute significantly to the US military carbon boot print.

Instead of building these warships we should be calling for the conversion of BIW to build commuter rail systems, tidal power systems, offshore wind turbines and other ways to help us deal with climate change. Studies show that peaceful conversion actually creates more jobs than military production does.

Please stay tuned and join us in Bath for the next protest at a ‘christening’ of another Navy destroyer.

Help us call for a conversion of our hearts and the military industrial complex.

Peggy Akers Portland, Maine
Peter Baldwin Brooks, Maine
Ellen Barfield Baltimore, MD
Lynn Bradbury Lubec, Maine
Meredith Bruskin Swanville, Maine
Nancy Button, Warren, Maine
Kathe Chipman Brunswick, Maine
Ann Cooper Freeport, Maine
Christine DeTroy Brunswick, Maine
Mike Donnelly Brunswick, Maine
Mary Donnelly Brunswick, Maine
Dan Ellis Brunswick, Maine
Jim Freeman Verona Island, Maine
Ridgely Fuller Belfast, Maine
Michael Gibson Lewiston, Maine
Nate Goldshlag Arlington, MA
Scott Hamann South Portland, Maine
Cynthia Howard Biddeford Pool, Maine
Suzanne Hedrick Nobleboro, Maine
Dud Hendrick Deer Isle, Maine
Rev. Mair Honan Freeport, Maine
Connie Jenkins Orono, Maine
Ken Jones Asheville, NC
Tarak Kauff Woodstock, NY
Bob Klotz South Portland, Maine
Carmen Lavertu Thomaston, Maine
Brown Lethem Bath, Maine
Rev. Leroy Lowell Casco, Maine
Kenneth Mayers Santa Fe, NM
Natasha Mayers Whitefield, Maine
John Morris New Gloucester, Maine
Jane Newton Georgetown, Maine
Jules Orkin Bergenfield, NJ
Rosalie Paul Brunswick, Maine
Roy Pingel Queens, NY
Doug Rawlings Farmington, Maine
Jason Rawn Hope, Maine
Bill Rixon Freeport, Maine
Lisa Savage Solon, Maine
Ginny Schneider Portland, Maine
Dixie Searway Vermont
Rob Shetterly Brooksville, Maine
Lora Somlyo Portland, Maine
Mary Beth Sullivan Bath, Maine
Will Thomas New Hampshire
Mike Tork Falmouth, MA
Karen Wainberg Bath, Maine
Russell Wray Hancock, Maine
Crystal Zevon Vermont

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