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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Capitalism's tendency towards inequality

Chris Hedges interviews economist Richard Wolff about the coming economic collapse in the US.  When a nation spends well over 50% of every discretionary tax dollar on the Pentagon the rest of the human and infrastructure needs go wanting.  Much of our national debt comes from endless war$.

Tax cuts for the rich and corporations exacerbate the fiscal crisis.

It's my contention that the ruling oligarchies are creating this economic crisis intentionally.  They want to drive down our standard of living.  Wealth has gone global so they care nothing about their own country.  They are maximizing profits internationally.  Even Trumps' 'Make America Great Again' is just a public relations theme.

Wolff makes some very interesting comments about Trumps recent tariff wars with China, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  It's all for show - a distraction.

The US economy is unsustainable.  The crash is on its way.   You'd think we'd be having a national debate about our economic future - but even the Democrats avoid that discussion because they are part of the problem.  Large numbers of the Democrats in Congress recently voted to further relax regulations on Wall Street.

We are in an age that could be called neo-feudalism.  In his book Friendly Fascism, Bertram Gross called it 'three-piece suit fascism'.



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