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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Okinawa: Final photo report from Oura Bay protests


These photos were taken by VFP member Tarak Kauff (New York) at the gates of US Marine base Camp Schwab in Henoko where a twin-runway airfield is being built on top of pristine Oura Bay.  They are from a week-long daily protest on land and the sea. (Click on any photo for a better view.)

Near the end are a few photos from when we moved to the port area where trucks full of huge rocks are being taken to a ship to circumvent the construction gate protests at Camp Schwab.  We tried to slow down the process there for two hours on our last day.

Some of our Okinawan friends/hosts are also pictured above as well.

For even more photos click here

Many thanks to all the courageous people who have been struggling daily for the past 15 years to protect sacred Oura Bay from the US imperial war machine.

Those of us in the US have a responsibility to work harder at home to stop this malignant cancer from spreading and destroying the lives of innocent people around the world.



Blogger Mark said...

I am proud and thankful for my Veterans For Peace friends who work so tirelessly for peace and demilitarization around the world.
I thank the citizens opposing U.S. military expansion on their homelands.

5/3/18, 6:35 AM  

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