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Monday, February 20, 2017

Making $$$ from Space Arms Race

This 1997 planning document from the US Space Command called Vision for 2020 has many chilling words inside.

Under a section entitled 'Control of Space' the document states:

Control of Space is the ability to assure access to space, freedom of operations within the space medium, and an ability to deny others the use of space, if required.

The Pentagon has long bragged that the space control and domination program, often called 'Star Wars', will be the most expensive project in human history.  I like to call it Pyramids to the Heavens and some years ago I asked Florida artist Will Park to make an illustration of that concept.  Here is what he produced.

So how will the US ever be able to pay for the largest industrial project in human history?  In the Vision for 2020 they address that question in a section called 'Global Partnerships':

Global Partnerships augments military space capabilities through leveraging of civil, commercial, and international space systems.  The growth of non-US military space systems provides the opportunity for the US to gain increased battlespace awareness and information connectivity in a cost-effective manner.  These partnerships provide shared costs, shared risks, and increased opportunities.
Let's translate this a bit.  Star Wars will cost too much even for the US - especially as our own economy is collapsing.  So the Pentagon must round up the posse to get them to help pay for it - but the Space Command will remain in control of the 'tip of the spear'.

Thus we have seen in recent days the new US Vice-President Pence over in Europe at a NATO meeting demanding that they pay a greater share of the growing war budget as the steroidal alliance expands up to the Russian borders.

The last two words in the 'Global Partnership' paragraph are 'increased opportunities'. Of course this refers to the aerospace corporations that are raking in big $$$$$ as they collect the 'contributions' from NATO members and partners around the world  - NATO has gone global.

It's quite a remarkable 'business plan'.

The way to beat them is to starve the beast - fight like hell to hang on to social progress everywhere.



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