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Monday, November 21, 2016

Reaching More Students in Visakhapatnam

We are still in Visakhapatnam and today spoke in three schools.  Dave Webb (UK), Will Griffin (VFP) and I were taken first to a government college where youth from the poor and working classes attend.  More than 100 students heard our talks there.

After that we were taken to a private school where you could see the difference in educational opportunities for the children of parents of higher income.  Again more than 100 students listened to each of us speak.  I asked for a show of hands of those who were familiar with the Star Wars movies and every hand went up into the air.  Then I asked for a show of hands of those who believe that war in space was inevitable - about one-quarter of the hands went up.  I asked for a show of hands of those who have looked for the moon on a dark night.  All hands went up - then I told the story of Coca Cola wanting to put a massive sign on the moon advertising their addictive sugar filled drink.  Luckily they were deterred from carrying out such a barbarous plan.

Our final talk was at another university where we were invited to address about 30 students from the Psychology Department.  Several of the students were from Ethiopia and Somalia, now in India working on their advanced degrees.  The head of the department spoke movingly about the 'deadly connections' between growing militarism in the US and India and cutbacks being made in programs to help those who suffer from poverty and mental illness.  Dave and William made their best presentations yet.

Tomorrow we again will make three more talks at various schools here in Visakhapatnam before moving on to another city the following day.  Our dear Indian friends who have a Global Network chapter here in this city are working hard to expose our message to as many people as possible while we are their community.  Below we hold a banner used during the recent Keep Space for Peace Week here in Visakhapatnam - the college soccer team helped us hold the banner.



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