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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Welcome to Democracy in America......

So in California the polls were showing Hillary and Bernie Sanders were in a statistical tie for the Democratic primary.  Then she wins by 13%.  Was it because several mainstream media outlets declared the day before the vote that Hillary had already won the nomination?  Or was it because in California many new voters were given the wrong information about which ballot they needed to request at the polls?  (There were tons of stories about this happening - even that the poll workers were mis-trained to give the wrong information.)

Hillary and Donald are long time buddies. I believe this whole election is a Hollywood production - a circus sideshow with Trump in the race to make Hillary look better. If Trump was a serious candidate he would not be doing his suicide act......

Donald took the job to enter the Republican field in order to create chaos inside the GOP.  Then once it became clear that he was running away with the GOP nomination they had to make sure he would not beat Hillary - that would mess up the plan.  So Donald has virtually daily been making racist, sexist, and stupid statements intended to create such controversy that the American people will vote for Hillary no matter what.  "We can't have Trump as prez" the people will say as they hold their nose and vote for Clinton.

Now why would Trump play along with this game you might ask?  He has a huge ego and enjoys the process.  Why did he play the professional wrestling game for years?  It was all fake and showmanship.  He loved it.  He does not stand for anything except making money and playing to the cameras.  So this whole election race is just another game for him.

The oligarchy wants Clinton to be prez.  She will give them everything they want - create more wars, force greater austerity cuts domestically, give a free ride to the Wall Street banksters - and she will do what Obama has done.... keep significant portions of the 'liberal' base demobilized while all of this is happening.

But Hillary can't win because her negatives are so high UNLESS she has an opponent so hated, so controversial, so despised, so lacking in experience - thus Trump enters the ring.  The perfect foil.

I know that most Americans still want to believe that they live in the USA - home of democracy and free elections.  They can't begin to imagine that this election is a rigged game - a theatrical production intended to pull the wool over our eyes.

Welcome to democracy in America - 2016 style.


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

That whole Pocahantas crap seals it. The other news story that eclipsed it (15 minutes of airtime coast-to-coast, ok so it wasn't prime-time) about Las Vegas putting in a bid to buy the Raiders, paying pampered millionaires to run around chasing a ball on a big lawn with a lot of psychotics cheering them..

but it seems both parties are playing to lose, Beer and circuses, distract the people from thinking about the collapse of Nova Roma.

6/11/16, 9:56 AM  

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