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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Korean 'Comfort Women' Speak for Themselves

"북미 미디어에서는 위안부 협상에 대해 긍정적으로 보도하고 있고, 할머니들의 목소리가 제대로 대변되고 있지 않습니다." 예일대 로스쿨에 재학중인 임현수씨의 제안과 번역 도움으로 영어 자막이 들어간 동영상을 만들었습니다. 할머니들의 분노와 울분을 전세계로 퍼트려 주세요. 여러분의 공유 한번이 나비의 날갯짓이 돼 세상을 바꿀 수 있습니다. 노컷뉴스는 앞으로도 영어와 일본어 자막이 표기된 위안부 협상 관련 동영상을 계속 제작하겠습니다.
Posted by CBS Nocutnews on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The right-wing South Korean government, likely under orders from Washington, has agreed to make peace with Japan over the WW II forced prostitution issue. The Japanese imperial Army forced 200,000 Korean women into servitude as 'Comfort Women'.  Japan now offers $8 million and an ambiguous apology.  Neither the South Korean government nor Japan's right-wing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ever consulted with the affected women before this scripted production was set in motion.

The goal here is to try to rehabilitate Japan's WW II fascist image now that Abe has destroyed the peaceful Article 9 in their constitution that outlawed offensive war making.  The US has big plans for a revitalized corporate dominated government in Tokyo when it comes to helping the US to wage endless war.  The US will further drag a willing Abe into confrontation with China and Russia.  But first Washington wants to clean up Japan's image in the 'global market place' so that they can better serve as agents in the US's 'war for peace, democracy and global harmony'.

It's like professional wrestling - the image of the actors in the ring makes for everything.  Somebody has to be the bad guy and someone (the US) gets to always play the shining knight.  Japan's apology was intended to help wipe their image slate clean before the big battles begin. Japan can now officially join the 'good guys'.

It looks like the plan feel flat with those who counted most - those remaining 'comfort women' who are still alive.  Look how the South Korean politician grabs the woman's hand at the end and slinks away.  Great video that once again reveals the remarkable fighting spirit of the Korean people.


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