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Friday, November 27, 2015

Global Corporate Empire Update

"Turkey decided to down a Russian bomber because it continues to patronize the terrorists. The other reason is the fact that in five days Russian airstrikes destroyed over 1,000 tank trucks carrying stolen oil from Syria to Turkey."

If anyone ever doubted that the joint criminal enterprise called NATO was supporting and directing the terrorist groups in Syria, the same groups, they claim, that conducted the attacks in Paris and on the Russian airliner over Sinai, they now have the proof.  Can there be any doubt that this attack on Russian forces in Syria is intended to disrupt the Russian-Syrian campaign against those NATO supported terrorist groups? Can there be any doubt that if they are willing to shoot down one Russian aircraft they are willing to shoot down more? Can there be any doubt that this attack is intended to push Russia to react with counter force against Turkey resulting in a claim by NATO that it is under attack, resulting in a general war?

As tensions between Russia and Turkey continue to ratchet up, 57 per cent of readers believe the prime minister should back Putin's nation. This is despite Downing Street coming out in support for its NATO ally after the Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down in Turkish airspace sparking a potentially deadly international crisis.

A Number 10 spokesman said: "We will continue to work closely with the Turks and we will stand by the offers of support we have made to them already." But in a poll of more than 2,300 people, just eight per cent of them believed the British government should support Turkey. It revealed a fair 35 per cent believe Britain should sit on the fence and "stay out of it".
He [Putin]  told a press conference yesterday: 'The American side, which leads the coalition that Turkey belongs to, knew about the location and time of our planes' flights, and we were hit exactly there and at that time.

'Why did we pass this information to the Americans? Either they were not controlling what their allies were doing, or they are leaking this information all over the place.'

Ahead of the conference, Putin and Erdogan traded barbs, with the Russian leader saying he was waiting for an apology and Erdogan ruling out any such move.
Putin has dismissed as 'rubbish' Turkey's claim that it would not have shot down the jet if it had known it was Russian.


Blogger Lisa Savage said...

Thanks for the digest of truth about an incident few in the U.S. will get any clarity on from corporate news sources here.

11/28/15, 8:59 AM  

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