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Friday, January 11, 2013


Evening of Gangjeong on January 11. . .100 full bows for the peace island, Jeju.
SaveJejuNow also reports from Gangjeong village:
On January 8 disabled people stopped illegal construction vehicles with their bodies! Members of the Seongdong Center for Independant Living visited Gangjeong, joining the peoples’ struggle to stop the illegal construction. They stayed all night in front of construction gates to block the construction vehicles. A witness who watched the struggle of the disabled visitors, most of whom are women, testified that the police were embarrassed by their courageous and active protests. He also stated that the police were violent and violated their human rights. The police forcefully lifting their wheelchairs, encircled an each person, and detained them. During the process, many of the disabled women’s cries of pain and distress could be heard.

January 10 was a day to be remembered when the military and police even ignored the state legislative institute. Two National Assembly members, Kim Gwan-Jin and Jang Hana joined people’s press conference and struggle to protest the navy’s illegal construction. The police threatened even the National Assembly woman, Jang Hana, with the charge of obstruction of business and pushed away National Assembly man, Kim Gwang-Jin then encircled him.
National Assembly man Kim Gwang-Jin is encircled by the policemen


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