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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Housemate Karen Wainberg, Homer, and Phui Yi Kong (photographer) joined me for a walk through the snow in nearby woods yesterday.

I told a neighbor the other day, after our first big snow in two years, that I thought it was never going to snow in Maine again.  He laughed at me.

We've had about 18 inches of snow since Christmas.  I was just outside for an hour raking the roof and clearing snow.  That was after Addams-Melman housemates Karen and Janet had been out shoveling.  There is alot of it out there to move.

I must say I loved every minute of my morning workout.  Holding the long wobbly rake over my head and scraping the third floor roof makes the arms a bit weak after a while.  Some people pay to go to the YMCA for such a workout.  The exercise is a bonus when it snows

All along the street folks were out in the yards clearing snow.  I never see so many people out of doors any other time of year.  Normally you think the houses are empty except for the color TV's blaring through their windows.  Snow makes the neighborhood come alive.

It also gets quiet as the car traffic through the streets is diminished....snow brings such a slow down to life.  Except for those noisy blasted gas-powered snow removers all is well in my winter wonderland.

I can't wait to do another walk in the woods again today.


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