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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


  • The Jeju Island grand march is now in its second day.  Imagine the logistics involved in feeding hundreds of walkers in two different marches going opposite directions?  It is hot and humid there so imagine the water they are going through?  And where are they all sleeping at night?  This kind of event is what organizers dream about.  It is a massive undertaking but the kind of event that has huge impact as most of the population of the island will come in contact with the walk.  It's a brilliant strategy.  A wonderful video about the entire feeding operation can be seen here
  • The walk is being sustained by hope, a fierce spirit of non-violent resistance, and music.  You can listen to a new album produced by the Gangjeong village band called Shinzzakkot (meaning ‘the elating and spicy flower band’).  The album is called ‘We’re from Gangjeong!’and you can listen to the whole thing here
  • You can also imagine that the walkers are going to have some sore feet with lots of blisters.  But that just makes the experience memorable.  They are building a mass community.
  • This is the kind of political action that changes lives - both the walkers and those who see the walk.  The best organizing strategies are the ones that are the hardest.  This grand march is a winner.  You can follow the walk closely on Facebook.
  • This grand march is just more evidence that Korean activists are the best political organizers that I have seen during my long career.  I bow to them.


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