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Thursday, May 03, 2012


 Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is now facing more jail time

Kayaks blocked so people try to swim to Gureombi rock

On May 11 Professor Yang Yoon-Mo will be back in court.  He was released from jail about a month or so ago where he was again hunger striking - this time about 50 days.  Last year his hunger strike lasted 75 days while in prison and he only resumed eating after appeals from the Catholic Bishop of Korea.

Reports are that the government prosecutor will seek a two-year prison sentence for Yang this time because he is a repeat "offender".  

In other Jeju news there is this gem:
On May 1, Labor Day, Park Geun-Hye, daughter of deceased ex-President Park Chung-Hee who ruled South Korea for decades with military dictatorship made absurd remarks that, “In case of Hawai’i, tourism income is 24% while military-related income is 20% in its whole finance,” and “If we construct the Jeju naval base as civilian-military dual use port and make it well so that 150,000 ton cruise can enter and exit, it would not likely to be less than Hawai’i” (Headline Jeju, May 1).
Hawaiian peace activist Kyle Kajihiro responded to Park's remarks with:
“I would invite Ms. Park to take a swim in Hawai'i's most famous military-tourist attraction: Pearl Harbor (the true name given by Native Hawaiians is Ke Awalau o Pu'uloa). However, the water is too toxic. And before she could get very far, she would be arrested by the Navy for trespassing in military waters. There is no tourist activity within Pearl Harbor except for those museum sites controlled by the government.”
The waters just off Gangjeong village are increasingly being contaminated by the Samsung blasting of Gureombi rock and other destruction operations.  The villagers are closely monitoring the contamination and reporting it to the media and public at large.  Despite the Navy's claims that the base will have no environmental impact the evidence is mounting to prove otherwise.


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