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Monday, December 12, 2011


Yesterday we had the annual holiday party of our local group called PeaceWorks. Alot of folks at the party asked me about the current situation on Jeju Island. It's good to know they are on the case.

I told them the Navy has twice been delayed, for the time being, from blasting the rocks along the coastline. Also the Navy is preparing to begin dredging operations in order to make it possible for the big U.S. warships (Aegis destroyers and aircraft carriers) to be able to enter the proposed port. This will of course kill the soft-coral reefs and also severely impact the many dolphins that thrive in these waters.

Matt Hoey reports this morning on the No Navy Base on Jeju! Facebook page the following:

30 Gangjeong villagers and activists traveled to Hwasoon Harbor, home to the Samsung dredging barges. 12 people entered the water in kayaks to block the barges from leaving the port. Their destination was Gangjeong village - specifically to waters that are spawning grounds for dolphin and home to soft coral beds. Also known as the naval base maritime construction zone. Jeju maritime police asked that the villagers not do this. Violations of the Maritime Transportation Security Act is up to 3,000,000 won ($2,600.00 appx). The Coast Guard reported that the barge did not set sail.

Samsung is the lead contractor on the Navy base construction project so please boycott their electronics products.


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