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Friday, April 22, 2011


Sung-Hee Choi reports from Jeju Island, South Korea:

On April 21, Shin Goo-Beom, an ex-Jeju Island governor, who is doing the 5th day solidarity fast along with the movie critic Yang Yoon-Mo, said in the press interview in the National Assembly that, “The naval base construction currently occurring in the Jeju is nothing but a criminal activity and the navy is betraying the residents under the excuse of national security and illegally destroying nature and trampling down people’s human rights.” He strongly demanded the National assembly’s investigation on the Jeju naval base construction.

Shin Goo-Beom started his fast in solidarity with Yang in Yang's tent in the Joongduk coast on April 18. [Professor Yang remains in jail where he continues his fast.]

To have the former Jeju Island governor join the protest, engage in a solidarity fast, and return to the National Assembly and call the Navy base construction "a crime" is a hugely courageous act and must be buoying the spirits of the Gangjeong villagers in a big way. Good for Shin Goo-Beom!

In the evening after the day’s struggle, people gathered in the Joongduk coast, the reclamation-planned naval base area, to see the music concert sponsored by peace groups.

A girl sings a revised song ‘like a rock’. She sings to let us live like the strong rocks in the Joongduk coast and save the sea & coast from the base construction (April 21, 2011)


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