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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We are having a big snow storm here now. So far we are well over one foot and by the time it finishes I would bet we'll be up to two feet of snow.

Three of us from the Addams-Melman House went out shoveling this morning for about an hour. We have two driveways and several paths that lead to the wood pile, shed, back doors, and compost pile. We are going back out again in another hour and it will likely seem as though we'd never done the first round.

One of my housemates told us that she saw on the Internet this morning that 49 states in the U.S. currently have snow on the ground, including Hawaii that has it on a mountain top. Only Florida is reportedly without snow. We'd be happy to send some down that way to our friends and relatives in the sunshine state. We can ship it overnight express if you'd like. We have plenty to share.

I've never heard of so much snow all over the nation at once before. It confirms for me that the present and the future will be all about very crazy weather patterns. It's happening everywhere. In the video below about farmers in India, one of them mentions the unpredictable weather that is messing up their crops. How can anyone so blindly deny climate change?

I feel just a bit frustrated because I got an email from the local newspaper that prints our Global Network newsletter Space Alert. It is ready to be picked up but I'd be insane to try to go out there now to get it. I am anxious to see the final product. We went to 20 pages in this upcoming edition. Many thanks to Selma Sternlieb in Brunswick for doing the layout work. It's a huge effort for her but she tells me she loves to do it.


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