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Friday, May 07, 2010


I was in the dentist chair in Gainesville, Florida when 9-11 happened. I never believed the "official story" and early on agreed to speak at conferences held in San Francisco and Toronto organized by the emerging 9-11 truth movement.

For two years after 9-11, at every talk I did anywhere in the U.S., people would ask what I thought about 9-11 during the question and answer period. It was clear to me that many people also had grave doubts about the "official line" about the 9-11 attacks, even if they were reluctant to say so in public.

Last night I went to Portland to listen to Dr. David Ray Griffin speak to nearly 100 people about the links between 9-11 and the war in Afghanistan. Griffin has written nine books on the subject and is a former professor at the Claremont (California) School of Theology.

Griffin began with a detailed review of the illegality of the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan following 9-11. He acknowledged that most American people are still unaware of the illegality of this war. And, he said, "Obama has taken over the Bush-Cheney account of 9-11" as witnessed in his West Point speech some time ago.

Griffin reminded us that the Bush administration was "prepared to bomb Afghanistan two months prior to 9-11." This was after the pipeline deal between Unocal and the Taliban had broken down. In July of 2001, in Berlin, the Bush team demanded that the Taliban agree to allow construction of pipelines to move Caspian Sea oil and natural gas through their country. They were told they could have either a "carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs."

Next Griffin reviewed the 9-11 Commission Report that admitted they had no success in gaining any evidence of Osama Bin-Ladin's involvement in 9-11." The FBI also acknowledged it had "no hard evidence" of his role either.

Griffin maintained that 9-11 was a "false flag operation" in order to create the political support for expanding U.S. bases in the Middle East and Central Asia, massive increases in military spending, and development of new war fighting technologies.

He spent considerable time documenting the controlled collapse of Building 7 which was not hit by planes on 9-11. Bldg 7 was 47 stories tall and only had fires on six floors. FEMA, Griffin said, has acknowledged it had no explanation for the collapse of Bldg 7.

In order for such a controlled collapse of Bldg 7, 82 steel columns had to fail simultaneously for such an implosion to occur. This was only possible with the use of explosives such as nano-thermite which is not commonly available. In order for iron to melt, the temperatures would have to reach at least 2,800 degrees and normal office fires at most reach 1,800 degrees.

Government reports suggested that "fires of office furniture" inside Bldg 7 caused the implosion. This is obviously ridiculous.

The organization Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth, made up of about 1,200 professionals, has done much work to debunk the mythology surrounding 9-11. They have repeatedly shown that steel frame buildings worldwide have never collapsed due to fires and that Bldg 7 could have only been brought down by high explosives. "Who would have the kind of access to these three buildings for such an operation?", Griffin asked the audience.

"Millions of people have died because of the big lie of 9-11," Griffin concluded. Sixty percent of the 9-11 responders (fire, police, rescue squads) have serious illnesses today from the toxic dust they inhaled. More will die from the rescue and clean-up operation than on 9-11 itself, he stated.

"Democrats have been as bad as Republicans for centuries" when it comes to American imperialism, Griffin said, as he recounted past examples of U.S. government false flag operations.

One question from the audience was, "What do we do?" Griffin acknowledged that it was the most difficult question to answer but said that in the end we must be able to say that we stood up and raised questions and organized when many feared doing so.

Europeans are increasingly becoming more critical of the official story Griffin reported, including media there now willing to openly discuss 9-11.

In the end, he concluded, "We don't give up."

"Physical laws contradict official theory," Griffin said several times throughout his talk. You can't argue with the science that absolutely proves that the collapse of Bldg 7 was a premeditated operation that was beyond the capabilities of Osama Bin-Ladin. There are so many holes in the official story that it looks like Swiss cheese.

To activists like me, who have seen the expansion of endless war and massive funding for military space technology since 9-11, I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to fix my glare on the reality of the collapsing buildings and destroyed lives and ask the basic and fundamental questions - why and who?

I Forgot To Say: Griffin called for a new investigation of 9-11 suggesting the $11 million official one was a complete bust. He reminded us that the space shuttle Challenger investigation some years ago cost $50 million.


Blogger Brian Thummler said...

Thanks Bruce. The second I saw those towers collapse while watching CNN on September 11th, I was reminded of film footage I've seen of other buildings being brought down by explosives. I have always believed that our government was involved.

5/9/10, 11:21 AM  

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