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Thursday, October 01, 2009


* The Washington Post reports this morning that Obama could now be turning to the Republican Party to help support his war in Afghanistan. I immediately think of all those liberals who told me they had to vote for Obama to keep McCain from winning but I think now the evidence is pretty solid that Obama governs largely like a Republican.

* MB and I are heading to New York City today to visit my son. He moved there a couple of weeks ago to coach high school debate. He had lived in Texas for the past 10 years. It will be great to see him and its wonderful knowing he is now much closer to Maine. Although I'd prefer to take the train the bus turns out to be much cheaper. Be back Sunday for a drone public forum we are holding in Brunswick at the library at 7:00 pm.

* We are hearing from people across the state of Maine telling us not to trust John Richardson who runs the state economic development office for the governor. He was one of those on the MRRA who told us Monday night that there were "no proposals on the table" to test UAVs at the Naval base in Brunswick. One of the people we have heard from is a former state legislator and others who have worked extensively on progressive issues in Augusta are also warning us about him. He is rumored to be running for governor and it appears his ambitions trump everything else. Power and influence come before truthful dealings with the public. We don't expect human perfection in our politicians but would like them to at least be real with us.

* I watched a great interview on Democracy Now last night with Cornell West. If you don't know of him, you should. Watch it here

* My lowly Baltimore Orioles have lost 13 games in a row and are on course to lose 100 games this's hard to watch a game.


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There is but a shade of skin color difference between them.

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