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Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night housemate Levi and I were outside shoveling our long and wide driveway in this kind of weather. The wind was slashing snow against our faces. I loved every minute of it. I spent about four hours at different times shoveling yesterday. Levi spent even more. MB did a couple hours with me.

This morning we had 18 inches of snow in some places that had to be cleared away. Luckily our main driveway only had about 2 inches that needed to be removed. There is still alot more that could be done.

Last week we had an ice storm in Maine that knocked out half the electricity in the state, some for several days. We were lucky and never lost ours. Yesterday I heard on the radio that some places in Massachusetts still have no power from that storm - 10 days later.

Housemate Maureen had to clear out her car this morning (from our second driveway) so she could get to work. The city snow plows come all during the night and pile up walls of snow that block our driveway entrances. That is what Maureen was struggling with at 7:00 am. She said when she got to work she was going to have to shovel snow to unblock the way there. She teaches art at a program for developmentally delayed adults.

Housemate Karen was clearing the way this morning to the wood pile that sits in the far corner of our back yard. Must keep that path open. MB and I were finishing up the opening to our main driveway.

Our two dogs are not eager to venture out. Little Seamus, just five pounds, has to be forced out the door. Red, a bit bigger, will reluctantly go outside but lifts his leg and goes back in pretty fast.

MB, Karen and I went across the street for breakfast this morning to a place called The Galley, a nice little working class neighborhood joint. It was quiet when we walked in but by 9:30 am the second shift of customers were rolling in. You hear the stomping of feet as everyone enters.

As we trudged back and forth to The Galley we saw neighbors out shoveling snow, one older woman said, "You have to love Maine to do this." Kids, home on school break, were playing in the snow. Trees are filled with the clean white stuff, mounds are piled on each side of the road, driveways are mostly still under cover of the fresh white, and the spirit of aliveness and community fills me with joy. This time of year everyone in the neighborhood shares a common fate - we must deal with the cold and snow. It is a bonding time that makes this place special.


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