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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This turkey was pardoned. Actually a friend in northwest Florida sent me this photo of a wild turkey on their land out in the country.

Today housemate Karen and I drove out to a local organic farm and got an 18 pounder for our Addams-Melman House dinner tomorrow. We are expecting about 17 people. Family and friends to celebrate what is one of my favorite holidays.

I love turkey. My father was a chicken and turkey farmer in Maryland before he met my mother. He was a back to nature kind of guy. No TV and other trappings of wealth and comfort. A humble and simple man. When he married my mom he spiced the place up but she quickly grew tired of the farm life and got him to sell it. He was never the same after that.

I love Thanksgiving because I love the fall. I love family and friends coming together to share with one another and the fact that we are not buying a bunch of presents that people don't need makes it even better.

I like the idea of Thanksgiving, giving thanks for all our blessings. Giving thanks to the Mother Earth, to the wind and the sun and the water. To the plants, trees, animals and more. It's sad that our industrial, techno society loses touch with all that. Thanksgiving reminds me of what evil things we did/still do in this country to Native Americans.

Housemate Maureen's mother died yesterday and she was down in Cape Cod to be with her when it happened. She is back now in time for Thanksgiving.

Karen has been down in Florida for the past six weeks helping a lifelong friend pass on from cancer. She came home for Thanksgiving and her friend died yesterday as well.

So our house is filled with a spirit of reflection and appreciating life. We are thinking about all those we love, near and far away, and sending them our best.

My favorite musician Ray Davies (The Kinks) wrote a song called Thanksgiving Day while he was living for a time in New Orleans a couple of years ago. You might check it out here.

I send Thanksgiving greetings and blessings to all of you out there. However you spend the day, if you do at all, I wish you the best.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce anyone who says Ray Davies is his favorite musician is okay with me and my friend. I am the one Ray wrote Rock & Roll Fantasy about, God save the Kinks, Ray and Dave and all their fans who have supported them and stuck with them through the years and for all we know they still might have a way to go, now it's off to Tampa Florida for the 1st show Friday November 28th of the Ray Davies east coast US tour, I remain Dan the Fan, The Montvale, New Jersey Hilllbilly Boy aka Frank Lima

11/26/08, 9:04 PM  

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