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Saturday, October 06, 2007


On Friday I spoke in Omaha at Creighton University (a Catholic Jesuit school) along with Bishop Thomas Gumbleton from Detroit, Michigan. Bishop Gumbleton, a lifelong peace worker, has just retired and is dedicating the rest of his life to speaking out for peace and justice.

We spoke together again Saturday morning at the annual conference of Nebraskans for Peace and again it was wonderful to hear Bishop Gumbleton mince no words as he called for an end to all war - the abolition of modern war from the face of the Earth. Not many bishops are going anywhere near that message these days but Gumbleton has never wavered from his strong beliefs. In 1997 when I organized the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station demonstration that brougt over 5,000 people to the front gate to protest the first flight test of the Trident II nuclear missile, Bishop Gumbleton was there.

Bishop Gumbleton, upon hearing of our plans to return to Omaha next April 11-13, 2008 for our annual GN space organizing conference and protest immediately said he wants to return to be part of that event.

After the day off on Sunday I will be busy on Monday meeting with key people in the Omaha area to plan our April 2008 GN space conference that will feature StratCom. People at the conference yesterday were excited to know that activists will be coming from around the U.S. and around the world next year to help shine a light on the "mission" of StratCom.


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