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Thursday, January 04, 2007


The photo above is of George W. Bush and oil company executives. It is a telling picture that shows the connection between big oil and the mythology that "our interests" around the world are the same interests of the American people. They are not.

Many years ago I figured out just who the power boys were talking about when they used those familiar words - our interests. Many Americans still fall for the line. It's our job to help people learn to separate fact from fiction.

It's not just Bush that uses those words. Most Democratic Party politicians use the same language to describe the U.S. military and economic empire. Sadly most Democrats agree with Bush on the idea of the U.S. controlling the resources and markets around the world. The Dems just say they will do a better job of running the empire. They will be more inclusive they say - giving a piece of the action to other elites around the globe. They will do a better job of killing terrorists than Bush because they will work in cooperation with those same elites from other countries.

Why is it then that many Americans, even people in the peace movement, keep supporting the Dems when the facts are that they are destroying our country in order to keep the empire functioning? Could it be that people don't want to face the truth? Why not?

I think one key answer is that most peace activists, for example, lead very middle class lives. They go out on the streets and protest but are unwilling to take steps into non-violent civil disobedience because they don't want to put their comfortable lives in jeopardy.

During the early 60's Civil Rights movement, black activists were not sure if they would be killed or not as they moved into active non-violent resistance against segregation and repression. They had reached the point where they decided they had no choice but to stick their necks out and do something that would end their historic nightmare.

So today as we face the nightmare in Iraq we see our Congress prepared in the next few months to give another $150 billion to Bush to fund the occupation. Most activists say they are against this. They might stand on the street with a sign. They might even write a letter to the editor. But as plans are now being set to hold non-violent occupations of Congressional offices in protest of the continued funding for the occupation, many of these same people say no. I won't risk arrest.

The American people are responsible for the carnage going on in Iraq today. We started it and are now funding the occupation to the tune of $8.5 billion a month. It will not end until the American people force the Congress to pull the plug on the funds.

But how will this ever come to pass if the peace movement, and their allies, remain unwilling to do the necessary non-violent resistance that will spark the end to this immoral and illegal occupation?


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