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With a new administration in Washington it will be a challenge to get the 'liberals' to hold Biden-Harris to the few 'progressive promises' they made during their campaign. Biden is bringing back many of Bush & Obama's neo-cons to head his foreign policy. I'll be on this case without hesitation.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Tony Blair is destroying the UK's Labour Party. In recent local elections Labour lost 317 seats and 18 town councils. The conservatives picked up most of the seats and if a national election was held today in the UK, Labour would have 26% of the votes while the Tories would come in with about 40%.

Blair has become an albatross around the neck of the Labour Party. His deception, along with George W. Bush, on the Iraq war and his continued destruction of social progress in Britain has led to his downfall. Growing numbers of Labour party members are calling for Blair to step down but he continues to hang on promising that he will eventually leave in a "smooth transition." In the end it will likely be a transition right into Conservative rule.

Blair has shown that he is not really a true Labour Party man. He in fact works for the corporations who have tried to privatize everything in sight in Britain. He has hijacked the Labour Party and taken it to its ruin.

Hillary Clinton would do similar devils work if she got the Democratic Party nomination for president. Lately she has been working overtime with right-wing members of the Senate like Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, and others on privatizing health care, supporting the war, sponsoring the flag burning amendment and other such schemes to prove her conservative colors. Hillary figures she has the desperate Democrats vote already and now is concentrating on the conservatives.

She is following the model so finely crafted by her husband and Tony Blair. Bill Clinton is the one who rescued NAFTA and "welfare reform" from certain defeat while he was president. He showed the corporate boys that he'd give them everything they wanted if they just let him be president. And he never let them down. He kept research and development for Star Wars humming for eight years and he kept the U.S. military engaged in the Middle East with constant U.S. bombing of the Iraqi "no fly zones." These days you find Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush virtually inseparable from one another as their "friendship" speaks louder than words. The Clinton dynasty has been anointed by the Bush dynasty.

Hillary's job, if elected, would be to do something that no Republican could ever accomplish. Privatize social security. Privatize public education. Keep the U.S. military bases in Iraq permanently. Keep military spending high. Keep supporting Israel's theft of Palestinian lands.

In the end Hillary would do what Tony Blair has successfully done in the UK. Be a wolf in sheep’s clothing and lead your political party into the hands of the multi-national corporate agenda. Blair has done a masterful job. If elected, Hillary would try her best to follow the script.


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