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Sunday, July 15, 2018

We need the 'Natural Guard'

If we are going to survive the ravages of climate change then all the world's militaries must be converted to do things like this.  It is our primary hope for survival of the future generations.

The military carbon bootprint is the biggest contributor to global warming.

Years ago at the time of the signing of the Kyoto Protocols in 1997 (Bill Clinton's time as president) the US refused to sign the accords unless the Pentagon's contribution to climate change was excluded and kept as a state secret.  In 2005 (during the reign of George W. Bush) the protocols became active.

Since that time the US continues to disallow its military environmental impact to be publicly known.

This kind of attitude of secrecy and determination to maintain the fossil fuel addiction in our country only hastens our collision with climate change.

Let's instead call for the conversion of the war machine.  Learn more about the issue, talk more about it, ensure that our local organizations connect all the dots between war and peace, climate change, growing global poverty and the surveillance society.  The corporations see the writing on the wall and they are grabbing everything they can with no concern for the public.  We have to demand fundamental systemic change.

I've long asked, "What is the #1 job of a human being on Earth today?"  My own answer to the question is that we must work to ensure the survival of the coming generations of humans, plants, animals, water, air and other life forms.

I have a poster on my wall from the 1980 Black Hills Survival Gathering in South Dakota.  My son Julian was in his mother's womb at the event.  The poster reads: 'Don't weep for the [mother] earth.  Fight to save her.'

Thanks to China for taking these steps toward the 'Natural Guard'.  Please keep showing this kind of leadership and illustrating how military resources, which are currently wasted, could be used in a better way.



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