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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Teaching Local Cops to Kill

"Conditioned Response", a short film by Craig Atkinson and Field of Vision. For the past 20 years, ex-Army Ranger and “killology” expert Dave Grossman has been traveling across the US to train police officers on his philosophy of killing.

Footage from one of Grossman’s seminars is juxtaposed with stark, brutal images of police brutality—including the shooting of Philando Castile by a Minnesota police officer.

Directed by Craig Atkinson and Laura Hartrick

See more from Field of Vision here:

Craig Atkinson also filmed "Do Not Resist", a documentary about the militarization of police:

Field of Vision YouTube:

Read an article about the film from The New Yorker:


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

I couldn't finish watching that. The PIGS made the decision to teach me a lesson, repeatedly. Well, I learned a lesson but it wasn't what they wanted me to learn. I learned to automatically hate them for the subhuman scum they truly are.what they voluntarily chose to become.God help me, God help their families, because they're not going to turn off that instant obedience crap just because it's their kid or wife or parent.

7/1/17, 8:54 PM  

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