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Thursday, June 01, 2017

My Mistake

Today I posted a video of my talk at the White House on Tuesday at the Veterans for Peace finale event.

Near the end I pointed to the White House and said we should change its name to the "evil, dark, black" house.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew I had made a big mistake.

There is no doubt in my mind that the White House and its foreign and domestic policies are evil and represent the greedy corporate interests.  Where I went wrong though was using the words dark and black.

As we see in the video above with basketball star Lebron James America has serious problems with racism.  Using the words black and dark in my talk showed how even the best intended people still unconsciously fall into the trap of perpetuating negative racial images.

I told a friend right after I spoke that I knew I had made a mistake - he suggested I should have called it the 'blight' house.  He was right.

I am truly sorry for my insensitivity.



Blogger Lisa Savage said...

Thank you for holding yourself accountable for the language that you use.

6/2/17, 5:26 AM  
Anonymous Tom M Culhane said...

Glad to see you became aware of this. You also used the words "'negative' racial images". Most people are unaware of how words impact us at the unconscious level. Unfortunately the establishment understands this phenomenon all too well. "Negative" energy in terms of physics does not mean bad energy, and "positive" does not mean good. Yet people talk about sending "positive" energy and avoiding "negative" energy, etc. How is this interpreted by your unconscious mind?

Our beliefs can effect the functioning of our systems. If you are holding the belief unconsciously that dark colored things are intrinsically bad and light colored things intrinsically good, that the negative terminal of a battery must be bad and the positive must be good (your body uses bioelectriciy btw), that up is intrinsically better than down in a spatial sense ("feeling down", a higher form of life, "hell" is down, "heaven is up, uplifting music, etc...) (What is actually down spatially is Mother Earth btw, keeping us alive. Are these false associations designed to damage our connection with her?), how is this all affecting our systems?

So in terms of the most basic ideas: light and dark, up and down, positive and negative, we see that double meanings have been added to the mix. How did this happen? Is it a random event?

And I didn't even go into all the false associations related to our most basic drive: sex. How come words used for sex are called "bad words"? Why can "screw" mean to harm someone but also can mean to have sex? Think this thru and you will come up with many more examples: "dirty pictures", "obscene" bodies, "I really got fucked over", ... Is someone trying to cut you off from your feelings and damage your connection with Nature?

There is more to Plantation Earth than meets the eye. They are using false associations to create distortions within our systems, and between people, and the Earth, etc...

Becoming conscious of their shenanigans can help undo the harm. Also, in a relaxed meditative state, you can think thru the true meaning of words, clarify things in your mind as if explaining it to another. Repetition can help. The establishment uses repetition to drum false associations into your mind; you can use it to drum the truth in and push the falsity out.

So, for example, if you see a tv screen and they show a naked person and have a black square over the genitals, you can say to yourself, "The establishment is trying to trick me into thinking bodies are obscene, but actually bodies are good things, it is the establishment that is obscene." Get the idea?

6/3/17, 9:03 AM  
Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

The power of darkness is ingrained into us by our common heritage. There's a "light" hearted prosaic called The Woodsman's Rules. Such as, there are no pets in the woods. If it's bigger than a chicken, it will f... you up. If it's smaller than a chicken it will still f... you up and it will be more painful and embarrassing. Here's the relevant part of it, something from the earliest campfires.. There is nothing in the woods at night that isn't there in daylight. However, at night it's awake, hungry, and can see in the dark... and you can't. And it will f... you up.

Trust that people understood the kernel of your metaphor. Most probably will. We all have the heightened awareness that the night fosters. It's built into us as a survival skill that's been implanted into our DNA. We would never have gotten to our enlightenment if we had ignored it.

In all cultures the monsters and ghosts come out at night and vanish in the morning.

6/3/17, 6:40 PM  
Anonymous Tom M Culhane said...

The darkness of night is a good and necessary part of the cycle of Life. For our species it's a soothing, healing time, a time for rest. Too much dark can blind you, as can too much light. Shade is very welcome to people living in a desert.

There is no need to use the same symbols as used here for darkness and light to mean evil and good. Don't we have enough words we can create? If I were a black man I would be offended hearing people talk of "forces of darkness" to mean evil forces and I might correct them for it. If you mean evil, say evil. These false associations did not just randomly appear in language.

Just like, as I mentioned, with other most fundamental ideas, such as energy. In physics, energy has a positive or negative charge. Why on earth would you use the exact same words to mean good energy and bad energy? Your mind can have a tremendous effect on the functioning of your body.

The study of hypnosis shows that the unconscious mind often interprets meaning differently than the conscious mind. If you ask someone in normal consciousness, "Can you tell me what you had for lunch?", they will typically respond with what they had for lunch. The same person under hypnosis will often respond, "Yes", as in, yes they are able to tell you what they had for lunch.

While most are clueless about this, the establishment is all too aware of it. The advertising industry is based on false associations, such as the Marlboro Man and Keebler elves.

The purpose of the false associations I've described earlier here is to throw our system out of kilter, out of synch with Nature and with the Source within, making it easier for the establishment to manipulate our minds. They want robots and you see that all around.

Hypnosis also shows we have precise internal clocks. If given a hypnotic suggestion that you will have an urge to scratch your nose in 5432 seconds, most people will scratch their nose right on cue. Is it a random event that they have the clock set out of kilter for most of the year now? On the equinox when the Sun is supposed to rise and set at 6, it will not with modern funny time. Mid night is not the middle of the night and mid day is not the point when the Sun is at it highest point in the cycle, not with modern funny time. So I keep a separate Clock set to real time.

They done the same thing with the Calendar, monkeywrenching it. They call New Year's day January 1, but who would start a new cycle on an odd date in early Winter when Nature is going to sleep? The ancient New Year's day was the first day of Spring, when Nature is awakening. This day is called March 21 on the modern funny calendar. If you fix the calendar by calling this day New year's day, and call it March 1 and adjust the other days accordingly, this gives each Season only three months. So March April and May are Spring, June July and August are Summer. This makes September the 7th month, not the 9th. Septem is 7 is Latin. October is derived from the number 8, as in octagon. Novem is the Latin word for 9. And December is based on 10, such as decade, decimal... You see how all the Latin words line up when you fix the calendar? January would then be the 11th month of the year and February the 12th. This explains why leap year days are still added at the end of February, it was the logical place to put them before beginning a New Year on March 1.

So the establishment put the calendar out of kilter to disorient us from the cycles of the Universe. The heart of each Season was a major festival time in the ancient world and with the modern funny calendar you can hardly tell when these times are as seasons spill into four months on odd dates and so these festival times are all but unknown now...

Hope you see what I'm saying. So feel free to do as I do and make your own calendar, orienting things correctly. Remember, the establishment would not do this stuff if they didn't get results from it.

6/4/17, 7:59 AM  

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