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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Delusional Thinking


Anonymous Brother Jonah said...

Sounds like he reads the stuff I write. Or maybe the same things I read. Plus a few more books, opinions, songs etc that i haven't got to yet.

I just wrote a two line post. I know, you all think I'm making that up, like "what? Jonah writes only two sentences and quits?" and a fearful looking up at the sky and listening for trumpets. but yeah. You know how people sometimes moo about homesteading in Alaska and sigh about the good old days when you could, and ain't none of them actually been to Alaska in the first place? Just homestead Siberia. More land mass than the United States and less people than Ft Worth Texas. And the government there doesn't suck any worse than "Our" Beloved Leaders.

It's one of those days when I get a little more annoyed than usual about other people being crazy.

Thanks man, I needed some Carlin today.

8/31/16, 2:32 PM  

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