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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No THAAD in South Korea!

The Pentagon has already deployed THAAD (Theatre High Altitude Area Defense) 'missile defense' (MD) systems in Japan and in Guam.  And now the US has announced the coming deployment of several THAAD batteries inside South Korea.

The Pentagon officially says the THAAD system would be used to protect against North Korean missiles.  There are various layers to the US MD system and THAAD would be used to pick off missiles that fly at a higher altitude.  But experts have explained that THAAD could not really protect South Korea because it is so close to North Korea and incoming missiles flying on a lower trajectory could arrive in a matter of few minutes - they'd fly under the THAAD umbrella.

Thus THAAD is really being deployed against China and Russia so the people of Korea understand this.  The Korean people don't want to be a target while the US-Japan-South Korea military alliance provokes war with China and Russia.

Below is a summary (roughly translated) of a protest at one of the possible THAAD deployment sites..... thanks to Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea (SPARK)

Eumsung, Choongbuk is another candidate location for the deployment of the US 'missile defense' system called THAAD in South Korea. On July 11, about 3,000 county people gathered to oppose THAAD, according to the SPARK who screened a movie on the matter of THAAD deployment on the site.

Mr. Lee Phil-yong, county governor of Eumsung said, “With the deployment of THAAD, Eumsung will be a sea of fire by possible attacks. [....] I am willing to stop THAAD with 100,000 county people.” Seven people including county governor Lee, as well as the chairman of county council and chairman of the anti-THAAD committee shaved their heads in expression of opposition to THAAD.

The statement read that the people in the Choongbuk province oppose to the deployment of the THAAD, which would threaten 1,600,000 Choongbuk province people’s right to survival and its land.

The people of Eumsung also expressed their concern about expected damage on their local economy due to the possible deployment of the THAAD.


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