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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Seeing Behind the Tragic Curtain

Originally aired on BBC in 1992, 'Operation Gladio',  the NATO sponsored terror network operating in Europe.

In the context of the horrific killings in Brussels it might be worth while for people to watch this video.  We know that professional 'law enforcement' types have long ago said that most criminals have a way of repeating their bad behavior over and over again.  It's called 'modus operandi'.

Who benefits from alleged Muslim terrorist bombings like the one in Belgium?  Who created ISIS (which took responsibility for the attacks) in the first place and essentially funds it and controls it today?  What is their real agenda?  How can those who created ISIS best get away with their sinister plans?  What do they want from the public?

Yesterday I watched a US 'national security representative' saying on mainstream TV news that the Europeans are far too lax in their security operations.  They need to do more like the US does, the agent suggested.  Europe must share more intelligence information with the US, the agent said.  The agent was calling for a total coordinated surveillance operation throughout Europe, costing an enormous amount of taxpayer money, that would all be run through and controlled by the US security state.

I don't know what really happened in Brussels. But since reading 'The Pentagon Papers' years ago (that told Washington's own dirty secrets about the true origins of the Vietnam War) I've come to witness an endless string of 'terrorist events' around the world with inquiring eyes. These events always have the same result - they justify more domestic surveillance, the loss of civil rights, ever-upward levels of military spending, more social spending austerity cuts, and endless war that only benefits the corporate oil-i-garchy - what I've come to call Mr. Big - the corporate criminal syndicate that runs the world.  The modern day pirates.

Watching the BBC Gladio documentary puts all of the above into a frame of view that allows everyone a glimpse into how the 'deep state' manipulates all of us.

Terrorism will end when we stop believing and supporting those that are moving the human pieces on the Grand Chessboard.  We are the ones that can end terrorism by withdrawing our consent from this corrupt global system that is killing us all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If "ANYONE" besides myself, reads "Organizing Notes", EVERYONE Needs to VIEW the video, and 'politely ask Bruce' for the 3 hour link to "what REALLY has" brought us to this 'Place in History'.......

If you're Serious about creating change.. "DO SOMETHING" 'the best source' is using their own information AGAINST them...


3/23/16, 7:28 PM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

Thanks Anon....

3/23/16, 7:57 PM  

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