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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

More Space Week Events

Felice Cohen-Joppa writes from Arizona:

As workers arrived, five Tucson peace activists held signs early this morning outside the Raytheon missile factory during Keep Space for Peace Week. The Raytheon Peacemakers group demonstrates there monthly against war and those who profit from it. Star Wars "kill vehicles”, surveillance drones, weapons for armed drones, cruise missiles, Mavericks, AMRAAMs, microwave crowd control beams, cluster bomb and much more are manufactured here. No Weapons in Space or on Earth!


Our newest Global Network board member JV Prabhakar really organized a great event in Visakhapatnam, India! Prabhakar (2nd from left in this picture just above with sun glasses) writes:

The call given by Global Network Keep Space for Peace Week across the world, is well received in India, many youth are demanding, Govt of India to reduce military expenditure and to provide that budget for employment. Youth are against purchasing weapons and military helicopters from USA worth 120 Billion dollars. Weaponisation space means preparing for war on earth to destroy our mother earth, together we have to fight to stop. Prabhakar JV with Ksn Raju principal of Matrix technical college students. Demanding no to war. Support peace. Support Global Network.


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