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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The ISIS $$$$ Game

The resurgence of a 'new enemy' in the Middle East has led to a boom in the military contractor industry, especially for companies such as Lockheed Martin and AM General, which have been making profits selling weapons and vehicles.

There is growing evidence that the US, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan and Turkey created ISIS in order to take down Syria and to further destabilize the region thus keeping the US public afraid and the weapons industry in the money game.

Recently ISIS fighters have been sent to Ukraine to join the Kiev puppet regime's forces in their daily attacks on the innocent citizens along the eastern border near Russia.  I'm certain the plan is to spill this chaos into Russia in hopes of overthrowing the Putin administration in Moscow.


Blogger tonyon said...

the Evil Empire: religion, armies, monarchies and politicians...are the causers of all wars

8/9/15, 9:23 AM  

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