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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Images from Gangjeong Village

Banners are hanging all over the village

Blocking Navy base gate with new barracks for sailors in the background

I am staying at the new Francis Peace Center

The 'restaurant' where free meals are served each day.  The Navy is expected to try to take this land next

The Navy base fence with their poster proclaiming the base to be a military-civilian port, would be the only one in the world.  The US Navy would never allow civilian ships to be parked anywhere near their nuclear subs, aircraft carriers and Aegis destroyers. 

Tangerine trees growing inside green houses with Mt. Halla in the background

The Navy base destruction on what used to be sacred Gureombi rock

One of the scrappy nuns at the front gate

Messages on an old wooden pallet

The peace center (were meetings are held) in the middle of the village

The river that flows into the sea on one end of the Navy base

Tiger Island just offshore.  Endangered soft coral forests are near the island and have already been severely impacted by the dredging to allow big US warships into the new base

Wildflower's art studio inside a converted shipping container
Dinner last night with some of the folks and then quick visit to beautiful view of the ocean (activist on right runs the Italian restaurant we went to and drove us back and forth in her vehicle)

Gureombi rock on my first visit to Gangjeong village before the Navy destroyed the place 
My first visit to Gangjeong village in 2009 being shown the area where the Navy base will be built.  Since that time I've tried my best to help build solidarity for the struggling village and I will continue to do so as long as I can.

Click on any of the photos for a better view.....


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