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Monday, December 08, 2014

'Deep State' in Charge

Here are some interesting words from an activist I recently made contact with after seeing him interviewed on RT:

These people [US ruling corporate oligarchy] are always looking to get their mitts on resources (oil and gas in the Middle East, for instance) – even less to use them ourselves than to control (or deny) others’ access.  (Likewise, as you point out, the militarization of everything from space, to the Antarctic, to IT.)  For example, Washington worries far less about the canard “our dependence on Middle Eastern energy” (on which, relatively we don’t much depend, getting most of our imports from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, etc., though our allies satellites in Europe, Japan, etc. get a lot) than we do on Europe’s dependence on Russia, which we want to block for “strategic” reasons.

I tend to put the emphasis on ideology.  Bottom line, the people who rule this country want to rule the world.  Full stop.  Why? To get rich.  Well, there’s that.  But it’s more than that.  Especially the GOP neocons but also the Dems’ “liberal interventionists” are genuine convinced they are (to use the old Soviet phrase) the vanguard of all progressive humanity.  Whereas the Soviet Union’s trilogy of values was the global march of “peace, progress, and socialism,” ours is “democracy, human rights, and free markets.”  Of course, all of this sloganeering is shamelessly manipulated to fit the aggressive agenda of the moment.

So why target Russian and China? Because they are obstacles to global domination.   Worse, they are bigger and more powerful than our other targets (Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria), even Iran. 

I also think there’s the symbiosis of corporations and government.  The populist Left thinks Big Business is the culprit – and they’re right.  The populist Right thinks Big Government is the problem – and they’re right too.   Why?  Because the government and the corporate world are two overlapping components of an integrated Deep State in which the nominal rulers, of whichever party are factional figureheads.  Plus, since the two parties have a lock, the only way people can show their disdain for one party, is to vote for the other in these repeated “referendum elections” that solve nothing.

~ James George Jatras
Washington DC


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