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Sunday, August 31, 2014


My favorite blog, The Vineyard of the Saker, got a ton of comments today from people after he posted a piece about how corrupt and weak EU politicians are.  Some of the comments were priceless so I thought I'd share a few here.  Most of them don't give names so I will just put what they wrote below.  It's encouraging to see such political sophistication out there.  What we need now is a unified anti-corporate strategy across the globe.  A good start would be a global weekend of protest against NATO.

  • Merkel, Obama, Poroshenko et. al. are dangerous - but as individuals they are merely instruments of capital.
  • The current EU and Nato leaders are not of the "nation building" class, they attend for personal agendas such as money and power positions after their terms run out. Voters and elections are frowned upon as necessary evils in order to keep the cloak of democracy plausible.
  • Read "The Making of Global Capitalism" by Panitch and Gindin. They're marxians but until the conclusion everything in the book is a matter of public record. A masterful academic work. Explains a few things, including how from Marshal Plan to the EU the US has been remaking Europe in its own image. The Fed & Treasury make the decisions, the EU implements them. That's what it's for.
  • I am Romanian. Do you really think someone asked us, the people, what do we want, before joining the EU or NATO? All major decisions are taken by our corrupt, mafia-like "elite" who runs our poor country into the abyss of oligarchy, theft and moral destruction. 
  • In most cases the ringleaders of the eastern branch of the transatlantic Fourth Reich are unelected, or are not directly elected. They are also not appointed on their merits as would be the case in a proper monarchy, but are just party functionaries who advance on the loyalty to the cause ticket. Who elected José Manuel Barroso? Right, nobody did. President of the European Union is Herman Van Rompuy, he is a Belgian but I doubt many Belgians know who is.  
  • They [EU elites] are not stupid, they are whores, and they do superbly their job: to make sure Europe is kept down (the boot of the D-Empire). They are also cheap, I must add. Comparing how little they cost with the enormous benefits they bring to the master, you can't help but feel astonished. As for Europeans, their societies have been successfully destructured, almost completely. You need a miracle, by then, for a real Resistance to be born there, but miracles happen only where there is Faith. 
  • I'm from Macedonia, and here it is absolutely *impossible* to speak against the EU or NATO. The Soros foundation has its own papers that slam anyone who dares speak against NATO or the EU. The internet forums are awash with paid posters promoting 'EU values' even though no one is ready to define just what that even means, or engage in a meaningful discussion. There's a plethora of 'experts' paid by the Germans and the Americans to promote their points of view, and to slander whomever doesn't agree with the said views as 'Putinist' or 'Chavist'.  It's like living under the communists all over again! Strike that - it's even worse! Brussels and Washington have bought the 'elites' and 99% of the journalists, and we're living under their dictatorship here!
  • I am not sure that European politicians are clowns. They were put wherever they are by the Americans and they work for them best they can. They are increasingly successful in harming the economies of the countries they pretend to serve. They are good at that and therefore not clowns but successful traitors.
  •  This is very true and i can only think that the US are making 'all sorts' of promises to EU leadership or maybe its blackmail? All this NSA spying may have lead to a big fat folder with the peccadillos of EU leaders .. who knows. I live in europe and I can tell you I have never seen anything like this in my life, the sheer scale of lies is breathtaking, it is blatant war mongering, people are honestly getting a little scared, although I have also to say that the majority of people who watch politics know that this is all 'false flag' lies etc. 
  • I'll try to explain situation in Serbia. In coup d' etat, in October 2000, USA successfully installed puppet government with Zoran Djindjic as a prime minister. Every government from 2000 to 2012 pushed Serbia deeper into EU "friendly" hug. They, of course, deteriorated Serbia's armed forces, destroyed economy and totally devastated Serbia's capacity in any field (agriculture, industry, education, culture etc). We are now a bit more than a poor colony. 
  •  Trust me, we realize how bad they are. It's just we're not sure how to get rid of them. It often feels like they've "kidnapped" the democracy somehow: no matter how awful things they do, no matter how many people hate them, they still keep winning every elections. And even if they don't win, their successors are even worse.
  • Dear Saker, you have articulated exactly my thoughts, and I do try to say to my family & friends "look at these clots". Not only are they clowns but greedy, corrupt clowns. They are not all stupid however, and behind the clownish policies lies a sinister 'Common Purpose'. The circus in Washington is equally rich in puppets & clowns of the scariest, most dangerous variety.
  • I'm British and don't consider myself European at all. I despise our so called 'leaders' and what they are dragging us into. Most British people only care about the latest Celebrity Big Brother episode. For example we have a program called Great British Bake Off and one contestants ice cream melted and this was the talk on social media and in the news for days. Most of the British public are apathetic to what our government are doing to them.
  • How much longer will we be able to have the internet before the rebarbative powers take it away?
  • The EU politicos true colors were shown when Evo Morales flight was intercepted. They lack backbone.  
  • "Freedom & democracy" are nothing more than a facade, behind which all heinousness is hidden. "Voters' choice" is no more than an illusion of free will of herded sheeple. So, what is the outcome you expect under such circumstances? I've no idea if it is known to everybody that EU was created by CIA? Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote a small piece about it for "The Telegraph" nearly 14 years ago. 
  • Everything is going to plan: soon in Wales they will decide to spend more on military to protect the countries bordering russia and in 3-6 months they will have convinced the european and american sheeple that a limited nuclear war with Russia will bring peace and stability.
  • The US has never been in this situation in its whole history, never so weak in terms of wealth and clearly Bretton Woods is dead, the wealth is passing to the east .. they will not accept a diminution in their world status, I think they are pretty deluded at the moment and cannot see the writing on the wall, like a spoilt child they would rather scream, break their toys and throw them out of the pram than share them. How far to the brink are they really willing to go?
  • At economic collapse, war is the option. 
  • Mr. Saker; they have discharged the insane from their hospital beds
  • Lazy corporate media who make heroes out of villains
  • Many people in Germany are aware of the stupidity and the betrayals perpetrated by our politicians. NOBODY really knows about Merkels real goals. 
  • Fallacies of US policy may be leading to war with Russia.
  • Try to remember the wise words of Public Enemy - don't believe the hype.  
  • With [Ukraine's] military defeat looming and economic collapse pending and with the very real risk of gas supplies to Europe being interrupted in the autumn the Europeans have no answers. Politically as well as (probably) economically they are looking at a cold winter ahead.
  • Collectively, we are the Germans of 1935. We have enough access to sufficient information to know what we are about to do. We will all say that we had no idea, that we are horrified to learn of our government's actions. Yet to protect ourselves and our children, we will empower the next wave of atrocities.
  • The pro-American commentary on sites ranging from The Guardian to The Daily Kos has taken a noticeable turn in the direction of desperation, frenzy, hysteria, as months of blatant lies and propaganda have failed to gain traction among the masses. 
  • Most European politicians are American whores... I mean Atlanticists. That is why they were *allowed* by Uncle Scam to reach these positions of power in the first place! America's political subversion, agents of influence, and regime change operations aren't just targeted at the Third World or non-Western "enemy nations," they are even targeted at the USA's supposed "allies." 
  • Pro-Nazi Ukrainians and Ukrainian mafia are trying to stage a "Prague Maidan" at Prague's St. Wentzeslav square. They demand from the Czech government a "greater courage and will" against Russia.
  • Let's face it. EU "leaders" are actually EU Department Heads. Eg. Merkel is head of Zionist State, EU Division, Germany Department. And the Department Heads will ultimately prioritize the well being of the US Regime above the well being of their own Department. (eg: the newly formed Ukraine Department)
  • violence is the #1 tool of American foreign policy  
  • The bottom line of ongoing and coming conflicts is simply because Russia refuses to be 2nd citizen or junior partner with the West in current world. And, Russia has enormous amount of natural resource. This is just another round of attempt on Russia. And, this time Russia stands alone.


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