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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The Navy's new Zumwalt stealth destroyer being built at Bath Iron Works in Maine

Trim Their Sails/Sales

Word is getting around
Zumwalt running over
cost projections
was supposed to be $4 billion
some say will run up to
5-6-7 bill each
going to build three of them

The Navy didn't want
Obama forced it down
their throat
his benefactors,
Crown family in Chicago,
largest stockholders
in General Dynamics

GD owns
Bath Iron Works

Obama owes Crown family
they helped make him prez
the palms are greased
just like on
The House of Cards

The Pentagon worried now
about sequestration
budget cuts
they are ramping up fear
and military confrontation
they own the media
that pushes the story line

Many in public
are resigned
job scared
afraid to speak out

it's smooth sailing
for the war machine

Time to trim their sails
and sales
time to defend
social progress
that is being starved
to pay for endless war


Blogger lee woo said...

What goes around comes around. See the link below for more info.


5/3/14, 1:58 AM  

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