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Thursday, April 24, 2014


I bought a used scooter last summer so I can more easily get to Brunswick which is about 10 miles from Bath.  It's been sitting in the shed for the last five months but now that winter is mostly over I can get back on it.

I took it to the shop to get serviced early in the week and picked it up today.  It's a Piaggio Fly and has a maximum speed of 50 mph if I am going downhill with the wind at my back.  It does about 30 mph going up hill and there are alot of hills around here.  The scooter gets an average gas mileage of 117 Mpg.

Today the wind was really howling.  I was flying all over the road coming home.  Thought I might end up in Kansas with the dog Toto from the Wizard of Oz.

Last fall while sitting in the driveway the wind was blowing so hard it took the windshield right off the scooter.  Cost me $35 to have it reinstalled.

I have a "No Drones" sticker on the back of the box that is attached to the scooter.  The repairman at the shop asked me what it meant.  I told him how the US has used drones to kill many innocent people in Pakistan and Yemen.  I described to him how people have been killed at weddings, funerals and outdoor political meetings.  I said I believe the US kills innocent people intentionally because it creates more enemies within the grieving families and gives the Pentagon justification for maintaining permanent bases in Central Asia and now on the African continent.  I asked him if he'd become an enemy if his family had been killed by drones.  His reply was yes.


Blogger opit said...

It's a cute scoot - but I did wonder about a bar mounted fairing on something so small. Mind, I recall even a GS 850 Suzuki had handling problems with one installed as per road testing.
Another thought comes to mind. Often the top of a fairing is cut back so as to allow one to just see over it ( while retaining the ability to duck under its cover if necessary ) - important in fog, rain, night or any other time it and your vision might become obscured.

4/24/14, 3:35 PM  

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