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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


I've been trying to follow the situation in Ukraine.  I don't have good sources about Ukraine but I know that some people living there read this blog.  I would ask them to share with me their thinking about the conflict in Ukraine.

My present take is that the Ukrainian government is corrupt and heavy handed.  The expanding NATO juggernaut is creating instability in places like Finland, Ukraine and Georgia.  The NATO-capitalist class wants everything...we know in the competition for market and resource control NATO must control the economies and military forces of these nations and the fight is on.

It also seems clear to me that Russia is the prize that NATO pursues.  I've heard of plans that the US has developed to "balkanize" Russia thus making it easier to manipulate and control.  One can understand the fear of many Russians.

The big problem for me is knowing that the Obama administration, being driven by the CIA, is helping to divide and conquer Ukraine.  This is what they do best in Washington DC.

I feel bad for the good hearted people in Ukraine as they surely have many grievances against their government and they want change. Sadly the NATO enterprise they would next get looks alot like the hypocrisy and corruption of the Obama crew.  It's a dead end street.

The new pope is said to have used these words in recent days:

"The poor and the poorer peoples are accused of violence,” Francis warns, “yet without equal opportunities the different forms of aggression and conflict will find a fertile terrain for growth and eventually explode. When a society—whether local, national, or global—is willing to leave a part of itself on the fringes, no political programs or resources spent on law enforcement or surveillance systems can indefinitely guarantee tranquility."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I follow too and what i feel in my gut: same as the russian election around: the trojan horse again, government - it's possible - knows, nothing good comes out from EU for them. But the west propaganda mislead people all possible way. Unfortunately i see signs in Russia too, the horse is still there. I wrote to a friend: I see you are RT fan like me, (or maybe i introduce it to you, i did for many) but i getting disappointed, Russia giving up Syria support, when saying: Israel RESPOND fire into Syria. BS! Without logic, again. A surrounded country shut into ISRAEL to provoke attack?? BS

and Putin just signed sanctions continuation against N. Korea....bad

UNSC called Assad a war crimer, just like Qaddafi or Saddam...bad

Russia has a identity problem, can't decide like or hate socialism, or becoming total capitalist, what is looks like tendency, money won.

Bitching US for example for 24 hours for our health system, but was long program, 2 times about UK bad bad government health care and in India. People on the street dying around the hospitals, should go to private care RT say, because it's better.

Big huge BS, they paid off too.

I totaly give up, i stopped my local weekly protest for piece, leaving alone my couple 2-3 comrade. Shit feeling. 2 just died in a year, life long protesters, a 100 years old and his 94 old wife, nothing achieved. It is pointless. We, our specie is suicidal, we kill our planet and who do it will kill us earlier, if we protest, This is why not many on the street, people feel it.

Doesn't give me pleasure if i know they will die too.

12/4/13, 10:07 PM  
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