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Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The space week poster was spotted at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea

At the front gate of US NSA satellite spy base Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, England

  • The first photo above comes from Stockholm, Sweden where Women for Peace organized a vigil in front of the Swedish Parliament Building with banners that read "Drones kill".  Global Network board member Agneta Norberg is featured in the photo.  In the evening they organized a panel discussion on space issues with Swedish parliamentarians. 
  • From Global Network board member Sung-Hee Choi in South Korea:   
Keep Space for Peace Week is not forgotten in Jeju Island. The Korean words in the banner read: "No Naval Base on Jeju" and "People's welfare and peace."  The signs held by Paco Booyah and me read "No Syria Attack, End the Occupation in Afghanistan" and "No ROK-US-Japan" war exercise. Oct 7 was the 12th remembrance year of the US invasion to Afghanistan. The US-ROK-Japan are holding war exercise in the southern water of Korea. The original date was from Oct 8 to 10 (the date was to be postponed because of weather) while the nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington was mooring in the Busan port from Oct 4 to 7. Photo by Cho Sung-Bong, director of the Jeju documentary, "Gureombi, the Wind is Blowing" in the Busan film festival.
  • From Menwith Hill in England Global Network board member Tamara Lorincz (from Halifax, Nova Scotia) writes:
This week is the International Keep Space for Peace week. There are actions taking place around the world to stop the weaponization of space and drone warfare. I had the great privilege of protesting tonight with incredibly dedicated British peace activists outside the US-RAF Menwith Hill base that is used for American missile defence and US NSA-UK GCHQ spying around the world. It is headed by an American commander. See the American flag flying on the base? This large military base is situated in the beautiful Yorkshire dales and is a terrible blight on this rural landscape. The people have been protesting to close it down for three decades. Grandmother Lindis Percy (GN board member) co-founded the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases and has been protesting every week for 12-years straight. We were standing with our flags and banners in solidarity with our friends in the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space.
  • We also got an unexpected email from Missoula Women for Peace in Montana.  They had a letter published in their local paper under the headline "Peace Week: End militarization of space" that was quite well done.  You can see the letter here


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