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Monday, October 14, 2013


We walked along the Kennebec River yesterday as we approached Skowhegan.  The colorful fall leaves on trees overhanging the narrow road made for a picturesque moment.  We took a break at a beautiful park on the river and as we were preparing to leave a reporter from the Waterville newspaper stopped to interview us.  The same story ran in four papers (Portland, Augusta, Waterville, Brunswick) across the state this morning.  You can find it here

The Bangor Daily News also has an article today.  See it here

We've been doing better than one could expect with the media so far on the walk.  Our goal to bring this important issue to the public is being achieved in a good way.

It just goes to show though that if you get out and do the hard work - walking and reaching out to people across the state - that you can in fact make some level of impact.

Last night, just before our pot luck supper began in Skowhegan, I played the video (just below on the blog) from TV coverage we got in Old Town.  The Japanese were thrilled to see themselves appearing on American TV so quickly during the walk.

Build it and they will come.


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