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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Construction trash and debris floats out of a gap in the silt protectors. Gangjeong was once famous for the cleanliness of it's Joongdeok Sea.

Although just recently made, these caissons are already falling apart, perhaps due to rough weather and poor construction.

On June 5 and 12, the Gangjeong village SOS (Save Our Seas) Ocean Team again took to the seas to monitor the Navy base construction. On one of the trips, June 12, they were joined by a large group of students from an alternative school who had come to visit Gangjeong. The students had a short experiential learning session about the ocean construction and the Joongdoek Sea. Otherwise, the construction continued with the same violations which always occur, despite claims to the contrary by both the Samsung construction companies and even the complicit provincial government.

The military industrial complex views nature as an obstacle that must be run over in order to build its outposts of imperial expansion.  They don't care what they do to the undersea soft coral reefs nor to the fish or the water.  The sacred rocky coast has been blasted and cement poured over it and no thought is given to the life that lived amongst the rocks.  It is covered and forgotten.

This militarism is a disease.  It is a cancer.  It is disgusting and must be stopped.

You can help by watching and sharing the new documentary film about the Jeju Navy base resistance called Ghosts of Jeju.

The nature has ghosts too and we humans will be haunted for years to come after what is being done to Jeju Island and its surrounding sea.


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