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Monday, June 24, 2013


A Third Way

By Noba from Gangjeong village on Jeju Island

The number of protesters has gradually increased throughout the week. On Friday, June 21 it hit its peak with the incorporation of more Catholic priests and nuns (and those of various churches). As seen in the video, everyone gathered around the naval base in a single file which eventually broke out into singing/dancing. However, there were no police nor construction to oppose throughout the day.

An interesting occurrence happened today between activists and the police. The SOS team (Save Our Seas) went out to sea today for its weekly, Wednesday act of kayak protesting and monitoring around the naval base construction. It was quite possibly my favorite time with SOS, not only from the joy of cruising through the huge waves (a lot of wind and rain throughout the day) but from what happened afterwards. Once we brought our kayaks in from the sea we were treated with warm potato pancakes. The SOS set aside half its serving for the police and coast guards. As a result, they enjoyed the food and immediately offered us all coffee to drink together. Although such an event may not seem significant, it represented in it’s nature the truth of humanity. Regardless of our differences or which side we decide to stand on, we can still uphold the law of nonviolence. We all tread different paths but at the end of the day, our paths converge to the same goal: love.

In other news regarding SOS, , it has been decided to monitor the construction base in kayaks everyday in addition to the much larger weekly, Wednesday gatherings. 1 or 2 kayaks will go out to sea to investigate the construction’s mismanagement and record its findings. I volunteered to be one of the few to do so on a daily basis. I will post any important information regarding this in the near future.


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