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Sunday, September 04, 2011


Regina Pyon writes from South Korea:

Peace plane arrived from Seoul. . .police barriers and police fence and police walls. . .Peaceful and joyful cultural event at Gangjeong.

You can figure that when many of these folks go back home to the mainland, having personally experienced the massive police presence in Gangjeong village, that they will become strong voices throughout their nation in support of the struggling villagers.

Now this energy needs to be taken around the world. All of you reading this can do something to help. You can share this information with others.....write a letter to the the nearest South Korean embassy or consulate and express your indignation about the treatment of the Gangjeong villagers who are just trying to protect their farm land, the coral reefs, the fish, the water, the sacred rocks, and the plant life. You can help organize to send someone from your community to Gangjeong village to stand in solidarity with the people.

This issue on Jeju Island ties all our important work together. It's environmental, human, and about stopping a dangerous and provocative Navy base in an already unstable Asia-Pacific region. It's an issue that encapsulates all the evils of the U.S. military empire in action.

Help throw a wrench into the wheels of this endless war machine.


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