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Thursday, September 01, 2011


Latest news:

'As of 12:20pm, while 33 have been already arrested, Hyun Ae-Ja and Mr. Go Gwon-Il are still in the protest site, Mr. Go Gwon-Il chaining himself on the top of tower and Hyun Ae-Ja [former national assembly woman] chaining herself to the container box in a key spot of a three fork road. Politicians are coming to the site, including Lee Jung-Hee, Chairwoman of Democratic Labor Party. Some police have withdrawn and some villagers pass across the site. The spot is originally farm road and a disputed road. The government has forcefully taken it. The situation there is in lull for a while.

In front of the construction site gate, Catholic fathers and nuns are still in stand-off with police. The way to the Gangjeong stream is all blocked.

Gangjeong is totally isolated. #600 bus from Jeju Airport to Gangjeong changed the route, doesn't stop here, goes to Worldcup Stadium directly from Jungmoon.

Catholic peace camp was also demolished at around 4:30 p.m. and big wall has been installed across the main street near the naval base construction headquarters. Priests were dispersed but came back and were sitting near the wall. They had supper there on the street. Tomorrow will have mass at 11 o'clock.

A wonderful news is that the villagers themselves are not cowered by today's tragedy and show determined postures.'


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