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Monday, April 08, 2019

Russia demonization good for weapons industry profits

Chris Hedges, host of “On Contact,” joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the role of the Democratic establishment in the “Russiagate” media frenzy.

He argues that it was an unsustainable narrative given the actions of the White House but that the Democratic elite are unable to face their own role in the economic and social crises for which they are in large part to blame.

They also discuss NATO’s expansionary tendencies and how profitable it is for US defense contractors.


Blogger Ariel Ky said...

Great explanation of RussiaGate by Chris Hedges. Personally, I want to see the entire Mueller report myself. Not only should it be provided to members of Congress, but to every American who wants to read it, in a free PDF downloadable format. After all, it is our taxpayer dollars that paid for this investigation.

I would love to see the United States have a friendly relationship with Russia. The International Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty that provided a mechanism for the elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, which Trump withdrew from, should be reinstated. NATO should be eliminated instead.

I love how Chris Hedges identifies Raytheon and Northrop Grumman as the major drivers of demonization of Russia in order to sell armaments. And, I concur with his assessment that the Democratic establishment have also been pushing this agenda instead of facing the fact that they have failed voters who used to support the party. It's important to point out that pseudo-journalists like Rachel Maddow at CNN have spun this false reality story as infotainment that sells.

4/9/19, 2:24 PM  

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