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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Left out: the partial Space Force story & and their agenda

Global Network Advisory Board member Lynda Williams (Physics teacher in California) writes about this pro-Space Force video:

Hey Global Network Friends - have you seen this? Talk about lying by omission. Please comment on what is missing. I see this: they skipped over Reagan-era SDI program & the US withdrawal from the ABM treaty. Nor do they mention the US also blew up a satellite with [its own] ASAT (Anti-satellite weapon)! And what about the [Space Command] Vision for 2020 report? Critical parts of the Story! Hard to believe Laura Grego approved this video. yikes.

The Center for Strategic & International Studies, a pro-war organization, produced this video and is run by these people below. Clearly their goals are maximum corporate profits, US global domination and the demonization of Russia and China as enemies that justify further military expansion.

Chairman Emeritus

  • Sam Nunn, Co-chairman, Nuclear Threat Initiative

President & CEO


*Honorary Trustee

Trustee Emeritus

Their $44 million budget comes primarily for corporate donations/foundations - likely from the aerospace industry. No wonder they left out so many key points in the video.


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