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Friday, October 02, 2015

This is How WW III Could Start

This is Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) who is a leading fascist in Washington - one of many.  His harsh words in this Senate speech indicates the kind of dangerous and provocative talk coming out of Congress these days.

(It's not just Republicans talking like this. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called for establishing a no-fly zone in Syria "to stop the carnage on the ground and strikes from the sky, to somehow clarify the situation, to try to stop the flow of refugees". Clinton also noted that "Putin is playing a very dangerous and cynical game. He definitely does everything in his power to support Assad and to consolidate the Russian presence in Syria and the Middle East".)

The feeling of US exceptionalism and entitlement is clearly evident in Cotton's  hostile words.  He assumes that the US can go make war anywhere on the planet that it wishes to.  Despite the fact that Syria invited Russia, and not the US, into their country Cotton still arrogantly declares the right of the US to control the world.  He rejects regional powers like Iran, Iraq, or Russia having the right to be concerned about what a mess the US has made in the Middle East.

This kind of talk could get a war going real quick with Russia.  Cotton calls on the US to shoot down Russian planes over Syria.  If his warmongering demands are followed the US just might find itself in the middle of World War III.

Sadly there are many of these fascists in Washington who do want the 'final solution' with Russia and China before those nations successfully create the multi-polar world that would put the US in its rightful place as just one nation among many.  The thought of the US bully having to get along with others on the 'global playground' is just too much for these arrogant cats to consider.

In the end I hope their words are just bluster and will be ignored.  If the public remains silent the power of fascists like Cotton will surely grow.  If the public speaks out and rejects these dangerous and provocative words then, like Dracula, Cotton will shrink under the light of truth.  Let's hope the American people wake up from their own slumbers in time.


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