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Bruce Gagnon is coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He offers his own reflections on organizing and the state of America's declining empire....

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I'm back to work for the Global Network. Will continue to help Lisa Savage for US Senate campaign on my free time. Trying to self-isolate as much as possible. Best wishes and good luck to you all.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 'Deep State' Mask

My heart bursts
on fire
tears well up
but are
walled off
men don't cry

the bombs
are still exploding
Plans for more
on the way
the 'deep state'
digging us
into the hole
of oblivion

the public
largely distracted
little talk
about the imperial
regime change everywhere
except back
in the 'deep state'
where things
roll on
like clockwork

now just another
Hollywood production
non-stop entertainment
the illusion
slight of hand
our way of life
'modus operandi'
in Washington
and throughout
the land

It's Halloween time
masks of deception
'Trick or Treat'
give me what I want
or you will suffer
at the hands
of the dark heart


Blogger Gregornot said...

So TRUE and spoken with a voice, that knows, my horrors, await us. YOU & YOUR NEWBORN CHILD.
Don't sit there waiting for the inttercamps & Tattoo's
Don't think it would ever happen, ask a holocaust victim, but YOU are TO SCARED TO, REMEMBER THOSE HORRIBLE DAYS, THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.
Look in the mirror, & say those words, holding onto your newborn child !!!
If nothing else you can afford to support those that SAY" NO OVER MY DEAD BODY" or just live in daydream, there are those who will pop that bubble you call FREEDOM.
First they came for..

10/29/15, 9:12 PM  

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