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Sunday, October 25, 2015

More Walk Photos

Our walk sweatshirt front side logo

Nipponzan Myohoji Monk and Nuns in Market Square as we conclude with closing circle
Lisa Savage from CodePink Maine speaks at shipyard gate rally. She is a teacher and couldn't come on the walk until the last day but was ever present on Facebook and Twitter daily promoting the walk.
At the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard gate

At the shipyard gate

Walking along the ocean in York Beach - just like a herd of Elk

Peter Woodruff filming Eric Wasileski at shipyard gate.  Peter came the last couple days with Regis Tremblay to work on a finale walk short video.
Jason Rawn at shipyard gate - he helped with walk organizing from the start and sang at some evening events.

Eric and Jun-san playing stretching games

Our last lunch on the road - by then we'd collected lots of leftovers from pot luck suppers
Mary Beth Sullivan speaking at shipyard gate on Saturday.  She drove to Grafton, New York to bring Jun-san to the walk a week ago.

Amy, holding sign, came every morning for six days during the walk and spent hours running flyers to local businesses and people watching us from the sidelines as we walked.  She was a great help.

At Market Square in downtown Portsmouth before heading to shipyard on Saturday morning

Students from the New School in Kennebunk who cooked for us and walked with us
Boston-area VFP member Al Johnson and Mainer Dixie Searway at York Beach.  Al was on the walk organizing committee and helped raise funds for the walk.

Leftist Marching Band - "Our music is better than it sounds"

On last leg of the walk - back over the bridge on Saturday to the Navy shipyard for the final rally

Assorted photos from the last few days of the Maine Peace Walk: Pentagon's Impact on the Oceans.  They are in no particular order.  They were taken by Lisa Savage, Regis Tremblay, Bob Klotz, Nancy Larson and others.  They give a sense of the life of the walk.

I'm likely to get more photos in coming days.....I might post more later.


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