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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

It is a War Crime to Bomb Hospitals

Today in a Senate hearing in Washington about Afghanistan with General John Campbell (who oversees all US military operations in Afghanistan), CODEPINK went dressed as "bloodied" doctors and nurses, demanding accountability and an independent investigation for the hospital bombed in Kunduz, Afghanistan over the weekend. 

Physician Dr. Margaret Flowers was arrested at the hearing for speaking out and she is still being held by police!

Sign the CodePink petition to General Campbell here:

Was a great witness for truth - it is a war crime to bomb hospitals - but especially despicable for the Pentagon to try to weasel out of it by blaming others.......

US 'exceptionalism' takes another hit.

For the record:  The US puppet regime in Kiev often targets hospitals, clinics, schools and churches as they shell their own citizens in eastern Ukraine.  That doesn't make the news.


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