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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

At the Pentagon

Art Laffin is one of my favorite activists on the planet Earth. Years ago when I was regularly organizing protests in Florida at the space center Art would often come and lend an experienced hand.  He has lived at the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House in Washington DC for many, many moons.

Art and others from the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker have been holding weekly protest vigils at the Pentagon (very early in the morning as the military personnel arrive via the subway) and the White House for as long as I can remember.  Each year during Keep Space for Peace Week he pulls out his space related signs and takes them to the Pentagon and White House. 

Here is his brief message that came along with the above photo this morning:

Yesterday, we were four strong at our weekly Pentagon vigil. During the vigil we held signs saying: "Keep Space for Peace" and "No Weapons in Space." An Air Force major upon seeing the "No Weapons in Space" sign replied: "I hope so!"

In the Pentagon metro station there are numerous slick panel size ads showing Northrup Grumman's latest weapons. My friend, Andrés Thomas Conteris, took the enclosed photos of me holding the "Keep Space for Peace" sign in front of one of the photos, which I thought you might like to see.


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Poor, sleeping america....

10/6/15, 11:00 AM  

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